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Audi 4.0 Upgraded Turbos

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We’ve been ensuring the highest quality Wheel Work on Long Island for Over Twenty-Five Years. Our main goal is to get our job DONE CORRECT the first time.

Reasonable Pricing

We might not be the Cheapest Wheel Repair Shop in the Tri-State area, but we are Number 1 in Customer Satisfaction. We ensure 100% Satisfaction, whether you’re coming in for a Crack Repair or a Powder Coating Job.


Fast Turnaround

Let’s face it, you NEED your car on Long Island. The less time you’re off the road, the bigger the smile you’ll have on your face.

About Us

We are Long Island’s Original Rim & Turbo Repair shop. For over Twenty-Five years our Wheel Repair Experts have been ensuring the Top Highest Quality Repair Services for all drivers within the Tri-State area. From fixing a simple crack to making your Wheel Straight again, we do it all! 

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Rebuilt Turbochargers

Turbocharger Cores

Upgraded Audi 4.0 Turbochargers

Are you Outside the NY Tri-State Area?

Let’s face it, the word has gotten out that we ARE the Number 1 Turbo & Rim Repair Shop on Long Island. Why deal with amateurs in your local area? Whether you’re looking for either Structural Rim Repair or Cosmetic Wheel Work, we’re willing to work with Customers all Over the Country! Just fill out our easy online form and we’ll see if we can complete your needs. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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With Big Retail Companies Such as Amazon making next-day Delivery the New Norm, we make sure that all of our Sold Products are Shipped within 1-3 Business Days to ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction!

Cracked Wheel Repair

Repairing Cracked Wheels can be difficult and is an Extremely Important element of the Alloy Wheel Repair.

Wheel Straightening

A Bent or Out-Of-Round Wheel causes vibrations which can damage your vehicle’s Suspension System, Steering and Tires. We use Top Quality Sophisticated Hydraulic Machines which will bring your Rim’s Curve back to its original Natural Curve.


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