Long Island Rim Repair Pricing

*If rim is on vehicle it is an extra $10.00 dollars.

Crack or Bend in the rear of Wheel $81.00

Powder Coating 1 Wheel is $125.00

Powder Coating all 4 Wheels $400.00

4 Stage Powder Coating is $150.00 per wheel – Strip Wheel, Stage 1: Base coat of Black, White or Silver. Stage 2: Clear Wheel. Stage 3: See thru Silver applied. Stage 4: is another Coat of Clear.

Painted Wheel is $125.00

4 Painted Rims are $440.00

Curb Rash $120.00

Hydro Dipping

$150.00 a wheel up to 20 inches. *Note if you want two colors that is $300.00 per rim.

We also do metal products such as car parts – calipers, intakes, etc.

*Please note – We cannot Hydro Dip plastic parts. Reason being is that we powder coat our clear and have to bake it in an industrial oven. If you want the parts without the clear we don’t have a problem with that and it can be done.


*All prices are subject to change. Rim must be seen in person to give proper estimate of pricing if wheel is heavily damaged.  *Note: If a wheel is beyond fixing we will not attempt to repair for safety reasons.