Hydro Dipping Graphics

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Hydro Dipping Graphics


*Please noteWe cannot Hydro Dip plastic parts. Reason being is that we powder coat our clear and have to bake it in an industrial oven. If you want the parts without the clear we don’t have a problem with that.

Hydro Dipping, Hydro imaging or Water Transfer Printing is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed. Water Transfer Printing and Hydro graphics can be applied to materials such as plastics, metals, fiberglass, wood, dash kits, auto interiors, handles, switches and 3D objects can be transformed as long as they can go under water. Many popular camouflage, carbon fiber, metal, stone and wood grain patterns are available. Our state-of-the-at processing equipment is used by qualified Hydro Dipping technicians so that every project receives the high quality finish they deserve. Projects generally take approximately a 3 day turn around, depending on prep time.

The Hydro dipping process turns your boring wheels into something that makes people turn around and take a second look. Whether it is your alloy wheels, car parts, or anything else we have the skill and equipment to make it happen at LIRR.

This is just a few of the more popular film patterns that we offer, with hundreds more available. And with over 20 different base paint colors available, you get 1000’s of different finished looks. This means instead of just a plain black carbon fiber for you vehicles interior trim, you can have Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, or even Pink Carbon Fiber.