Long Island Rim Repair

Thank you for visiting our website. Long Island Rim has been serving the tri-state community since 1992.  This is the place to get those bent and broken, factory and aftermarket wheels and rims repaired. We are a leading rim repair service on Long Island New York. Our reconditioned wheels are guaranteed true within factory specs, are visually identical to new. The only difference is the price and convenience.


My wheel is bent, do you repair bent (dented) alloy wheels/Rims?


My wheel is scratched, it has curb damage (road rash) can you repair this?

Yes, we can cosmetically repair your wheel to look “like new” using factory powder coatings.

My wheel is machined finished diamond cut can you match this?

Yes. We own a CNC  that can probe and re-cut your lathed machined – diamond cut wheels

Do you warranty your straightening work?

Yes. We guarantee that the wheel will be trued to within industry specification of an inch and that it holds air.

Do you Power Coat Wheels?

Yes. See our Services page for powder coating information